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For communication jammers to shield wireless signals, the requirements are very strict. Usually signal blocker require 20-6000MHz seamless shielding, including but not limited to remote control bombs, walkie-talkies, mobile phones, drones, etc. In order to ensure that the communication jamming car is foolproof when it is used to shield the wireless signal, it can perfectly complete the task assigned by the superior, and in the case of no ca
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In the same place, the full-band signal shielding device has the same shielding distance for different mobile phones.

When testing the shielding effect of the full-band signal shielding instrument on the site, it is often encountered that the shielding instrument shows different shielding effects on mobile phones of different operators, and some are even very different. This situation is often encountered in the process of testing or use
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Are cell phone jammers and frequency jammers the same type of device? What is the difference between the two?
The mobile phone shielding instrument can be known from the name. It is a special instrument for signal shielding of mobile phone signals. In the field of signal shielding, the concept of "shielding" is basically equivalent to "interference", because the signal shielding usually referred to is actually the way of signal interferenc
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In order not to be disturbed by other factors during the meeting and to prevent the content of the meeting from being leaked, it is a correct choice to use a conference room signal shielding device.

The conference room signal jammers suitable for use in the conference room are mainly divided into built-in antennas and external antennas on the market. So whether the conference room signal jammers choose built-in antennas or external anten
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Do I need to do a test before installing a conference room jammer?
Before installing the conference room signal shielding device, it is necessary to test the shielding effect.

First of all, when it comes to meeting rooms, they are generally divided into three types, small meeting rooms, medium-sized meeting rooms, and large meeting rooms. Before installing the conference room signal jammer, the test methods