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There is no question here of taking the side of a country. Russia has certainly been invading Ukraine for over a month. Russian mothers and Ukrainian mothers have lost children. 😭

please, "war is not a solution", lets sit down and talk!
my father is Russian and my mother is Ukrainian!!!

#stopwar !
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Mohammad Mahabubul Alam
8 мес. назад
Babby products at unbeatable prices

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Mohammad Mahabubul Alam
1 год назад
Emancipation Story | A Young African American Man Was Sold and Brought to An Unruly Plantation

Emancipation is a groundbreaking new film that tells the story of emancipation in America. This film is sure to change the way we think about this important piece of history.

In 1863, Peter and his family were enslaved on a cotton plantation, where he worked for long hours under the hot sun with Codeine and their children. Despite the diffi

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